About us

Hawley Almshouses Registered Charities consists of two separate charities: 

·         Henry Randell’s Almshouses 
·         Hawley Almshouses and Relief in Need Charity

Since February 1998 the two charities have been under the stewardship of a single Board of Trustees and in April 2006 the charities were granted a ‘Uniting Direction’ by the Charities Commission, enabling a single registration and single set of accounts. The two charities however remain two separate legal entities with slightly different Governing Instruments.

The origin of Hawley Almshouses Registered Charities can be traced back to 1817 when the ‘Fuel Allotment’ charity was established in Sandy Lane following a donation by the owner of the Minley Estate. The spirit of the Fuel Allotment charity continues today through Relief in Need which makes grants to needy people in the local area. The actual Almshouses date back to 1857 when the Henry Randell’s Almshouse was built at Hawley Green and deed of gift was made by Mary Randell.

Almshouses in the UK
Almshouses have existed for over 1000 years enabling individuals in need to retain their independence and to live in their local community. The first recorded Almshouse was founded by King Athelstan in York in the 10th century AD. The oldest charity still in existence is thought to be the Hospital of St. Oswald in Worcester, founded circa 990. Today there are around 1800 separate Almshouse Charities in the UK with 2,600 groups of Almshouses. Over 30,000 Almshouse dwellings provide accommodation for some 36,000 people. Each Almshouse Charity is independent and run by voluntary trustees. If you would like to find out more about Almshouses visit the Almshouse Association website.